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Suzhou SEJINIGB Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. started in 1993. It is a registered company in South Korea, integrating R&D and production enterprises. It enjoys a good reputation in Korean military industry and robotics industry, and has invention patents, product invention awards and innovation awards in China, Japan, the United States and South Korea. The company was established in November 2006 in Wujiang District, Suzhou, with joint investment and construction with Singapore ISDN Group Corporation. The company mainly researches, develops, produces and sells high-precision cycloidal gear boxes, planetary gear boxes, right-angle integrated gear boxes and linear motion products of roller rack without backlash, etc. The products are widely used in industries and fields such as precision machine tools, industrial manipulators, robots, wind power generation, antenna radar, automation equipment and military industry.

The company not only has mature technology in terms of products, but also has a perfect environment for building and cultivating professional teams such as pre-sales and after-sales service, technical support, R&D customization, and excellent equipment processing conditions. Taking advantage of its professional advantages and comprehensive capabilities, and relying on a capable scientific and technological team capable of dealing with complex engineering problems, it is its own goal to provide customers with more reliable transmission schemes.

Since its establishment, the company is making great efforts to develop the world's advanced precision reducer, actively exploring and perfecting the market, and its sales performance is increasing year by year. The company is realizing the established goal step by step, and is convinced that the company's development prospect will be more and more broad. Sincerely hope to become your successful partner with SEJINIGB Company's business philosophy, quick response and professional service!