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CRP roller rack series

SEJINIGB zero backlash roller rack      
Principle of CRP zero backlash roller rack:
Rollers are assembled by a certain number of rollers and roller racks. When engaged, the rollers roll on the tooth surface of the rack, which greatly reduces the friction during engagement, improves the engagement accuracy and reduces wear. The tooth profile of rack and gear ring is designed according to the rolling characteristics of roller, which is different from the involute shape of general rack and can better mesh with roller.

Characteristics of CRP zero backlash roller rack:
1. Zero backlash: When the roller engages with the rack (gear ring), zero backlash can be realized and pre-pressure can be applied, thus greatly improving the repeated positioning accuracy and transmission accuracy.
2. High precision: its transmission precision can reach ±0.02mm, repeated positioning precision can reach ±0.01mm, and rotation angle precision can reach ±50 seconds. Close to screw precision.
3. Low noise and vibration, large allowable load variable, no load difference vibration at zero load and full load.
4. Long-distance transmission: As the rack can be spliced and assembled, compared with the lead screw, its * advantage is that it can realize long-distance precision transmission, unlimited splicing and arbitrary specified arc design.
5. Long life: Because of the rolling engagement, the wear is far lower than the angular transmission realized by ordinary rack and pinion and ring rack. Still high precision and high torque.
6. Ultra-low friction and noise, special tooth design, low dust, suitable for class 1000 clean room.
7. Various input forms can be used with SEJINIGB reducer.

CRP product application::Roller rack and roller gear ring are widely used, such as bench loader, long-distance robot walking, synchronous feeding, long-stroke mechanical equipment, compound rolling head, measuring instrument, stacker, cleaning line, double-shaft synchronous drive, freely settable indexing table, robot rotation, observer drive, water knife cutting, etc.