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Planetary reducer SS series

The detailed description of "SEJINIGB right angle reducer hollow reducer, bevel gear reducer":     

Based on the above structure, the product has the following characteristics:
High Precision Reducer

1. High rigidity hollow form available threading
2. Right angle reducer saves space and changes the output direction
3. Wide speed ratio range/speed ratio of 2.5-250
4. Smooth operation, symmetrical multi-support structure and strong bearing capacity
5. High precision-transmission backlash is less than 3 points
6. Improved sealing of output end, IP65 protection level, which can be used in harsh environment
7. A variety of input modes are available, including direct motor connection and synchronous wheel;
8. Easy installation
9. Input Power――0.1~25KW
10. Rated Output torque――2Nm~300Nm

Application: photovoltaic industry turntable, scanning radar, navigation equipment, surveillance system, automation equipment, five-axis water jet, etc.