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CK cycloidal reducer

SEJINIGB cycloidal drive high precision reducer     

Application of speed reducer:tool changer of numerical control equipment, turntable, robot joint, stacker, positioner, welding machine, radar, antenna, navigation equipment, riveting machine, aluminum machine, automatic shooting platform, bullet changing system, 3D printer, five-axis water jet, multi-axis grinding equipment, application of turntable in clean workshop, wind tunnel test, etc.

High precision:ultra-low backlash, transmission backlash less than 1 arc minute.
Low noise, low vibration and high efficiency:improve the supporting structure of high-speed components to reduce noise and vibration, and the efficiency is greater than 88%.
Improved sealing structure:ensures the complete sealing of the input/output end with IP65 protection level.
Maximum deceleration range:the range of deceleration ratio is 19~5000 (partially customized).
Easy assembly:The complete input support structure and sealed output structure make assembly easier.
Low input inertia and high dynamic response:the highest planetary gear structure reduces the input inertia and improves the response characteristics of servo motor.
Better power transmission:the unique continuous rolling contact and crankshaft cam structure can reduce meshing failure and fatigue damage, and the more linear structure increases the torque rigidity.
Torque range:19Nm~40000Nm (partially customized)
Lifetime lubrication-free: the product has been filled with special lubricating grease at the factory, and is life-long maintenance-free.